Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Preparation for The Buyer: 3 easy steps!

It's important that you prepare the house for potential Buyers. First, take out the "personal" aspect of your home and make it appealing to the new Buyer. Even though the color of your walls might match your decor perfectly and you always use your bread machine, you need to start envisioning yourself as the Buyer and their thoughts of moving items into the home.

3 Easy Starters:

1.) De-Cluttering: a BIG one. Make sure to go through your home and de-clutter. Take about 10-15 minutes per day and pack away any knickknacks that fill shelves and countertops: souvenirs, pictures, old magazines, loose papers, etc.

Make sure to remove any extra kitchen appliances that take up counter space: blenders, rice cookers, crock-pots, bread makers; as well as any pictures, magnets, or papers attached to the fridge. This will help to make the kitchen look larger for the showing. Have your Realtor help you with this. Less is more!

2.) Now, have a garage sale with items that you de-cluttered and wont need in your new home. You can make extra cash and use it to buy new things. Items left over? Take it to a local charity, "one man's clutter is another man's treasure".

3.) Paint all walls neutral colors. Vibrant or dark colors might turn off a buyer; even though it's an easily fix. It's better to have their minds start from scratch, rather than having them think of ideas on how to "fix" the already existing color. Remember: Less is more!

These 3 tips are great ways to start your preparation for the Buyer. You want this to be a pleasant experience that isn't timely with numerous showings. Think: MODEL HOME and you will have great success with the sale!

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